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Connections help your organization grow, and connecting an international community is integral to The AENOR Global Directory. Our worldwide database is intended to help industry organizations seamlessly locate essential information while gaining market visibility and expanding their current market share. Whether searching for testing laboratories or industry-specific services, The AENOR Global Directory meets WTO TBT transparency initiatives while offering a customized online search tool to meet your needs. From a wealth of company and product information to an up-to-date platform of domestic and international regulations, users can expect to have ongoing access to the most current and centralized directory on the market.

Certification for socially responsible financial products
6/4/2022 AENOR
Financial tools whose management include socially responsibility criteria in addition to financial criteria.
Qué es la Marca AENOR N de producto certificado
6/3/2022 AENOR
El proceso de certificación de productos que llevamos a cabo desde AENOR con la Marca AENOR N pone de manifiesto que una organización, producto, proceso o servicio, cumple los requisitos... definidos en las normas o especificaciones técnicas
The December issue of the AENOR Magazine is now available
12/23/2021 AENOR
The latest issue of the AENOR magazine is now available: Mark N: confidence in the products: more than 1,500 production centres located in more than 140 countries have the AENOR N mark. Manufacturers, companies, industry and...